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Erroreous Rejections Multiple Payers 11/7/2016
Posted on 07 November 2016 10:51 AM
On 11/7/2016the following error messages were reported back erroneously:

Claim Filing Indicator Code should not be used after mandated use of National PlanID. Element SBR09 is used. It should not be used after National PlanID is mandated. Segment SBR is defined in the guideline at position 0050.

National PlanID is a required identifier when it is mandated for use. Value of element NM108 is incorrect. Expected value is 'XV' when National PlanID is mandated for use. Segment NM1 is defined in the guideline at position 0150.

All affected claims have an additional message posted:

Previous rejection messages are erroneous, claims can be removed from Claim Fix

These claims have already been reprocessed, no action needed.  Claims can be removed from Claim Fix.
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Providence Health Plans has identified an issue with claims denying for new diagnosis codes starting with date of service 10/01/16.  They have identified the root cause and are currently working on it.  The fix will be in production on Wednesday 10/12/16.

You do not need to resubmit the rejected claims.  They are able to recover the claims and process.  The rejected claims will be processed on Wednesday 10/12/16.

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 A processing issue has been identified for some claims that have a date span before and on/after 10/01/2016. The claims are rejecting with a message "LINE LEVEL - DATE IS MISSING OR INVALID". An update is being worked on fix this issue and will update again once the fix has been completed. 


No submitter actions required at this time, however if you are able to split the claim by date of service (one claim with dates of service prior to 10/1/2016 and another with dates of service on 10/1/2016 and after) the claim will bypass the erroneous rejection.  DME and other claims that have a date range for a single procedure code will have to be resubmitted when the fix has been completed.

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Issue:  Cigna has identified an issue which may delay 835 processing for remits dated 10/03/2016 and later.



  • This issue caused some Cigna electronic remittance advice (ERA) files to be delayed.


Next Steps:

  • Cigna is working to correct the issue.  It is not necessary to contact Cigna's Customer Support Center at this time.    All affected remits will be transmitted. 
  • An update will be provided once all remits have been sent.


Cigna apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

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On 6/10/2016, our trading partner identified a claim processing issue that impacted Professional (837P) claims for Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, payer id 77170, from 3/15/16 to 6/10/16

If you have any outstanding claims for this payer, our trading partner is asking providers to resubmit their claims.   We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused. 

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