Rendering/Billing/Facility Secondary Identifier
Posted by Charmagne Williams, Last modified by Will Morrow on 27 May 2020 10:54 AM

We are not sending the Rendering/Billing/Facility secondary identifier and the user is stating it is required by the payer.


The secondary ID for the Rendering/Billing/Facility according to the ANSI guide should not be sent when an NPI is present. In every situation that the user says it is required by the payer, it should be researched at the payer for us to get verification that this ID is needed. This means a ticket needs to be sent to Alejandra to ensure with the payer that they will accept and do need this; she will then forward that on to Will requesting the data go out per the payer. Please keep in mind that because these IDs are not required by the ANSI guide, if any payer is requiring them, they are the exception.