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Billing Provider Secondary Identification
Posted by Will Morrow, Last modified by Charmagne Williams on 16 May 2017 02:08 PM

Rejection: Segment REF (Billing Provider Secondary Identification) is used. It is not expected to be used when National Provider ID is mandated for use and NM109 is used in loop 2010AA. Segment REF is defined in the guideline at position 0350.

What happened: Information was sent in box 33b.

Resolution: Remove the data from box 33b. 33b is only needed if there is no NPI. Other payer specific edits may be an exception. To verify that information, please contact our customer service department (360-975-7000 opt 1).

Resolved Issues involving this Rejection Message. 
Date Payer Issue and Resolution
7/30/2012 Integrated Mental Health Service (68053) We were sending loop 2010BB, REF*G2.  On 7/30/12 we updated to not send out that segment when the NPI is present in the billing loop.