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UHC 87726 - Missing/invalid data
Posted by Will Morrow, Last modified by Charmagne Williams on 01 June 2017 01:03 PM

Rejection: ~Acknowledgement/Returned as unprocessable claim | Missing/invalid data prevents payer from processing claim.

What happened: This is an unspecific error message.

Resolution: Please refer to the specific situations below. If the claim does not fit the scenerio, please contact our customer service department (360-975-7000 opt 1) so a ticket cam be made. 

Resolved Issues involving this Rejection Message. 
Date Payer Issue and Resolution
All Dates United Healthcare 87726 Though the message is unspecific, verify the rendering provider name is a real name, not 'Signature on File'.   If name is incorrect, need to update.  If the name is correct, please contact our customer service department so a ticket can be created (see attached picture below).


 uhc rendering name.jpg (44.83 KB)