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Billing Provider Taxonomy Code Required. (RC190)
Posted by Will Morrow, Last modified by Charmagne Williams on 12 May 2017 03:36 PM
Rejection: Payer Specific Edit: Billing Provider Taxonomy Code Required. (RC190)

What happened: Billing taxonomy was not sent in box 81 CC (UB04) or box 33 (HCFA).

Resolution: This is a payer specific requirement. On a HCFA, in box 33, there is a specific box: 'Billing Provider Specialty/Taxonomy'. On a UB04, the billing taxonomy goes in the first line of box 81 with the B3 qualifier (see attached pictures below).  Add the taxonomy codes and update the claim.

 taxonomy code (hcfa).jpg (80.34 KB)
 taxonomy code (ub04).jpg (71.87 KB)